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Why Have Mental Health Programs in Schools?

• Keeps issues from affecting emotional, academic, or physical development

• Provides relief from symptoms earlier rather than later

• Can prevent long-term problems

• Improves academic performance and personal relationships with family and friends

What Do School Mental Health Programs Offer My Child?

• Identification: Children with behavioral and emotional health needs

• Assessment: Assessments, Interviews and Evidence Based Evaluations

• Intervention: Individual, Group, Family Therapies

• Consultation: With parents, teachers and providing crisis interventions

• Facilitation: Hospitalizations and Specialty Care

• Training: Parent and Teacher trainings on mental health issues

Why do School-Based Mental Health Programs Work?

• Interventions are sensitive to students’ and family culture

• Easy access for mental health services in communities where services are scarce

• Removes the stigma for mental health services

• Having programs on site allows teachers to spend more time teaching

• Fewer discipline problems school-wide and distraction from class work

How Can I Get My Child Services?

• Students are referred either by Parent, Teacher or Student

• A Consent Form signed by parent is needed to begin services

• Individual student records are kept confidential and is not shared with school staff

• Programs operate school hours and often beyond for family convenience

• 24 hour hotline to handle problems outside of school hours

• Staff are typically licensed professional counselor, social worker,  or psychologist.

Education Consultaton


(Securing America's Future Enriching Today's Youth)

The S.A.F.E.T.Y. program offers on-site mental health intervention services to schools. This School-Based Mental Health Program offers a variety of services such as individual treatment, group and family counseling and crisis interventions targeting those students who have emotional and behavioral difficulties in general education. The program oversees collaborations and initiatives with mental health agencies, hospitals, and youth serving non-profits that treat, prevent and educate students and their families dealing with mental health issues that impede academic achievement.  S.A.F.E.T.Y. program provides presentations for staff, families and trainings on a wide variety of emotional topics relevant to youth.