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Counseling Philosophy

Counseling is a joint effort, which cannot be successful without your hard work, energy and courage. There are many reasons people seek counseling; regardless of the reasons, I believe an enhanced sense of self understanding and acceptance is essential in all situations (this includes understanding how past experiences have shaped the way we view ourselves, as well as how we understand relating to others). Therapy provides a safe place to explore reactions, thoughts, and feelings about people in your life as well as yourself. Self- awareness may be a very short process for some clients and longer for others. Just as you have the right to decline or accept any suggestions or therapeutic approach, you also have the right be informed of any potential risks. Such risk might include, but are not limited to; uncomfortable feelings of guilt, anxiety, anger or frustration. During the process of changing, current relationships may become strained because of your growth. With these risks in mind, weigh the disadvantages of counseling with the benefits; which may include gaining insight into you, developing coping skills and equipping yourself to deal more effectively with life.

Aisha Pearson, MA, SCL, LPC

Aisha Pearson, MA, SCL, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor with years of experience providing client-focused counseling, consultation, and education for individuals, couples, families, and groups. In addition she provides collegial supervision and K-12 consultation services.

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